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Practice Areas

We represent consumers exclusively in the the defense, negotiation, settlement, and elimination of claims and lawsuits brought by institutional creditors such as banks, mortgage lenders and servicers, credit card issuers, and debt scavengers.  Sometimes the best way to achieve this result is to file bankruptcy, sometimes not.

Louisiana e-Bankruptcy

Our Online e-Bankruptcy Project eliminates the need for you to fill out piles of paperwork that are usually required by other law firms, and lets us file your case with fewer workup appointments, allowing you to get your case filed more quickly and resulting in you having to take off less time from your workSince your active and accurate participation reduces the amount of work and the time our staff must spend on your case, we pass the savings on to you.

Full Service Bankruptcy

We handle complicated and challenging bankruptcy cases also, at our regular reasonable rates, and we do our best to work out a payment arrangement for clients who don't have the up-front funds to cover our retainer.

Foreclosure Defense and Reversal

It is rare that a Louisiana state-court foreclosure lawsuit is successfully and permanently defended (as opposed to merely delayed) through state-court foreclosure defense.  It is usually better and cheaper, in our opinion, to file a Chapter 13.  Nevertheless in some rare cases state-court defense provides the only or the best chance of stopping a foreclosure.

Collection Lawsuit Defense

Just because you are being sued on a credit card by a bill collector or debt scavenger doesn't mean that you should rush foolishly into bankruptcy.  That may be the easy way out, but it's not always what's best for you in the long run.  Talk to us before you jump off the bankruptcy cliff.

Collection Intervention

We can stop the bill collector calls and harassment while you work out an honorable resolution of your debt issues. We intervene in the debt collection process as your attorney, and we take the collection calls on a dedicated private, unlisted Voice-Over-Internet-Phone number.

Debt Settlement

If your creditors are willing to work with you, and understand that a dime on the dollar is better than nothing, we may be able to negotiate at a lump-sum discounted settlement.  Sensible creditors, if provided with the right incentive, are almost always willing to discuss a payment plan stretched out over months or years.  Unreasonable and intransigent bill collectors can usually be forced into accepting fair and legal reduced monthly payments if you are willing to file a Chapter 13 debt reorganization plan in federal court. 

Other Legal Services

Wills, Successions, and Estates.
Small Business Formation and Governance.
Medical Malpractice, Maritime, and Personal Injury Referral.